Interesting facts about Bulgaria

Bulgaria is one of the largest producers Rose Oil, attained from the cultivation of Damask roses in the fertile valley of the Thracian kings. These aromatic roses are a key component of many perfumes. 


Located in a historical crossroad with key land routes between Europe and Asia, present day Bulgaria encompasses a total of 110,879 sq km.  Bordering Greece 472 km, Macedonia 162 km, Romania 605 km, Serbia 344 km and Turkey 223 km, with a 354 km coastline at the Black sea. 

Bulgarian cuisine

Although similarities exist within the cuisine of the Balkan countries there are also a number of specific foods and recopies that have endured through time. An interesting 12th century fresco within the Boyana church depicts how and what the locals ate during these times.


With an abundance of establishments to choose from, the limited time touring Bulgaria could mean that you miss out on the ones that would best suite your particular taste.


Picturesque pastoral landscapes, sleepy villages and lush forests line the countryside of this small but vibrant country. Home to some of Europe’s newest ski and beach resorts means that there’s a variety of new, clean and comfortable hotels to choose from for your next holiday destination.

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