Interesting facts

-  Bulgaria is one of the largest producers Rose Oil, attained from the cultivation of Damask roses in the fertile valley of the Thracian kings. These aromatic roses are a key component of many perfumes.  

-  Some of the oldest cities in Europe are found in Bulgaria, as well as the oldest man made golden artifact (some 6000) years old.

-  The ancient gladiator Spartacus was of Thracian origin, from a village in present day south Bulgaria. It is also considered that the mythical singer and poet Orpheus was the son of a Thracian king.

-  The origin of yogurt is thought to derive from Bulgaria, with the healthy bacteria necessary for yogurt “Lactus Bulgaricus” derived from the country’s name.

-  The Cyrillic alphabet (still used by many Slavic and some Asian countries) is based on the earlier Glagolitic alphabet, developed during the 8th century by the first Bulgarian kingdom.

-  Sofia, at the time called Serdica, was so beloved by Constantine the Great that he was considering making it the capital of the Eastern Roman empire.


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